Excellent Quality and Service Policy in Power Engineering

Biricik Electric is focused on production and implementation of the latest solutions relevant reactive power compensation for industries and other receivers of the electrical energy. The purpose of the reactive power compensation is to optimize work of the electro-energy network of the Receiver and to eliminate losses and fees for reactive energy.

Within the framework of the productive activity and service we offer:

● Manufacture and mounting of the low voltage capacitors banks with the automatic power factor regulation

● Manufacture and mounting of the capacitors banks with filter reactors, that can be used to reactive power compensation in networks, that contain higher harmonics

● Designing and selection of devices, that can be used to compensation of the reactive power in supply networks of low voltage

● Selection and delivery of capacitors with thyristor – switch, that can be used in networks with fast-changing reactive load (caused for example by work of welders etc.)

● Analysis of the management of power and reactive energy

● Measurement of higher harmonics contents

● Selection of compensating devices of higher harmonics filters system

● Reduction of overcompensation in extensive cable–networks

Our offer is directed to:

● Employees, who are responsible for quality of the energy in company

● Employees, who are responsible for the cost-cutting in company

● Owners of various types of works and factories, that have to pay bills with included reactive power fee

The service of the reactive power compensation has the following advantages:
● eliminates charges for the reactive energy and decreases the payment for the active energy for about 2-5%

● improves the quality of the electro-energy system functions

Placing an order is usually preceded by measurement. The purpose of it is to select optimal compensatory arrangement. After we are informed, that there is a need to make analysis of the network, the measuring group comes to the institution in arranged time, makes the measurement and after several days sends the opinion about the network state and also about the state of deformations of the current and voltage. Then the project is being prepared , in compliance with it the system is assembled and started.

What the reactive power is and why it is important to compensate it?

Energy in the general concept is defined as the power absorbed by the receiver in the time unit. In circuit of the three – phase current appear 3 kinds of the power:
Active power – this is the part of the electrical energy which is exchanged on the effective work. Reactive power – this is the part of energy which pulsates between the source of energy and the receiver and is not exchanged on the work. Depending on the receiver we distinguish:

● the reactive inductive energy connected with inductive elements eg. engines, inductive furnace
● the reactive capacitive energy connected with condensers or with long sections of energized cables

Both reactive inductive and capacitive power bears on the enlargement of thermal losses and limits the efficiency of transformers and cable lines. Apparent power – the geometrical sum of the active and reactive power. A measure of the utilization of the energy is the cosφ power factor.